Welcome to my web space.

This is a site designed to make known my works, but also to put some order in my things and traces of my works.

I have, in fact, an interest in all the visual arts and ceramics, in different shapes in which these activities can follow the thoughts, the sensitivity, the creativity. The technique, of course, is continuously developing and so progression of works reflects the increased experience in the specific discipline, whether painting, drawing or ceramics.

The site structure is deliberately simple, quite because it also helps me as a catalogue, in some way reasoned, of achievements that succeed over time, in an artistic activity - as such - not programmable, but following in a creative manner my interests and my experiments.

A small area of the site was also set aside to the works of Roger, my partner in the life and author of this site, who has recently become interested in drawing and painting. I hope that also this space grows increasingly important.

Thanks for visiting, and thanks also for comments you will possibly send me at